Wiggins House

The Wiggins House is a one-room residence that possesses a hearth for heating.  It contained no electricity or indoor plumbing.  Water was either brought to the house from a spring, a distance of approximately ½ mile, or was collected in rain barrels placed under the eaves.   Four beds were originally located in the dwelling. What little privacy was available was accomplished through the erection of a curtain screen in one corner.  To reduce the likelihood of fire, a kitchen was detached but was connected to the house by a covered walkway.  The house was constructed by James W. Wiggins on land that now constitutes a portion of the Cliffs of the Neuse State Park.  The exact age of the structure is unknown.  Mr. Wiggins left his birthplace in 1894 to start a family.  Portions of the house probably predate this time period because, as was the custom, parts of the home were purchased from adjoining farms and subsequently moved to the Wiggins homestead.  The building and outhouse were relocated to Old Waynesborough in 1991 and 1994 respectively.wigg100405reardwebbldgswigginside6wigg101207rearh