Pomona Grange Museum

The Salem Grange #327 was chartered as an organization in 1874.  The Pomona Grange building was constructed in 1890 along Salem Church Road in northwestern Wayne County.  It is believed that this structure originally functioned both as a two-room school house and a Grange hall.  The Pomona Grange facility was converted to a community building in the early 1900’s when, under the leadership of Governor Charles B. Aycock, the State of North Carolina constructed several rural schools.  The Salem Grange ceased to exist in 1902 but was reorganized and revived in 1929. Vandals set fire to the front left corner of the Pomona Grange building in the mid 1980’s. The edifice was relocated to Old Waynesborough in 1997 and was placed on brick piers in the same manner as it stood at its original location.  After its relocation, remodeling activities were undertaken to the floor and interior walls. The original tin roof was replaced with cedar shingles. Today, the Pomona Grange building functions as a museum, housing farm implements and historical documents of the State Grange.

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