Park Hill School

The Park Hill School structure was the third school of this name built ¼ mile east of Selah Christian Church in southwestern Wayne County. The building is indicative of the one-room rural school houses existing in the late 1800’s in eastern North Carolina. The first Park Hill School was constructed in 1880 and was named in honor of Mr. Park, the school’s first teacher.  The second school was built in the late 1800’s.  Due to overcrowding, this structure was subsequently sold and dismantled for lumber.  The third school was erected in 1911 and was highlighted by a six-sided belfry with tall arched openings down each of its sides.  The belfry was topped by a round, domed roof crowned by a lightning rod in the center.  The original belfry was removed in 1940 due to storm damage.  The school’s front porch opened into a foyer.  To the left of the foyer was a small room which contained shelves for lunch pails and nails for coats and caps.  A large wood-burning stove was located in the center of the classroom around which were placed recitation benches.  Four tall paned windows were situated on the east side of the room.  The west side was almost completely covered by a blackboard.  Instruction was taught up to the 7th level.  School was conducted from four to six months depending upon the amount of money raised to pay the teacher.  At its opening in 1911, the third Park Hill School possessed a library containing 120 volumes.  The school closed in 1925 and was moved to Old Waynesborough in 1990.

The Neuse Odd Fellows Lodge No. 6, Independent Order of Odd Fellows was organized on August 16, 1845 at the settlement of Waynesborough. In October, 1847, the Neuse Lodge membership voted to move the lodge from Waynesborough to Goldsboro.  The present Park Hill School was restored by the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows and rests on marble slabs original to the Odd Fellows orphanage that was located in Herman Park in Goldsboro. The Park Hill School building currently is used by the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows as its state museum.  The museum contains ceremonial robes, memorabilia and a narrative on the history of the Odd Fellows.