Hatch House

When the State of North Carolina opened Waynesborough State Park on May 16, 1986, a dwelling was shortly thereafter erected to house the ranger assigned to oversee park operations.  When the State property was transferred to Old Waynesborough on June 15, 1999, upkeep of the former ranger’s home became the Commission’s responsibility.  In 1994, select portions of the 1840 Griswold-Hatch House, formerly located four miles west of Dudley, N.C. were moved to Old Waynesborough for safe-keeping.  In 2000, the ranger’s dwelling was renamed the Hatch House and in May of that year, a fund raising drive was undertaken for its renovation.  In 2003, the Griswold-Hatch artifacts and other general improvements began to be incorporated into the former ranger’s house design.  The principle artifacts utilized from the Griswold-Hatch structure were the building’s front porch, fireplace mantel and front door unit.  The primary miscellaneous improvements added to the building were a chimney and a hearth.  This structure currently houses the State of North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Division of Historic Sites, Civil War Office.  The Hatch House contains a kitchenette and is frequently rented for meetings, family reunions, wedding receptions and small parties.