General Store

generalstore021007frontdThe General Store is believed to have been constructed in the mid 1920’s.  It was located in northern Wayne County at the intersection of U.S. 581 North and Polly Watson Crossroad.  The store remained in operation until the early 1970’s.  It was relocated to Old Waynesborough in 1995.  The interior of this structure is furnished in a manner to replicate a country store.  Located inside are several authentic merchandise and produce display cases.  Other paraphernalia include old scales, meat and dry good wrapping paper dispensers, cash registers, a horse wagon and cart jack, wood stove, tobacco sticks, farm tools and implements, and a checkerboard game mounted on a barrel with bottle caps for board pieces.  Numerous sundry items are on display including ladies hats, dry good containers, toiletry products, empty bottles and miscellaneous household supplies.  Replica toys are available for purchase.