Faircloth Law Office

This two-room law office was built in 1868 and was originally located in Goldsboro at 227 East Walnut Street, the present day address of Paramount Cleaners.  This site is across the street from the Wayne County Court House in an area formerly known as “lawyers’ row.” In 1900, the building was moved to Charles Street and was converted to rental housing.  It was relocated several more times, ultimately being placed at 207 East Spruce Street where it was restored by the Wayne County Historical Association.   The front room of this structure contains a fireplace with mantel that was used for heating.  Also housed within this room are two attorney work tables, a revolving book stand and a floor- to-ceiling bookcase made of rough-cut lumber. The Faircloth Law Office was brought to Old Waynesborough in 1990.

William Turner Faircloth was born in 1829 and was licensed to practice law in North Carolina in 1856.  He served as an Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court from 1874 to 1879. He was later appointed Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court in 1895 and served in this capacity until his death at age 70 in 1900.