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General Store


The General Store is believed to have been constructed in the mid 1920’s.  It was located in northern Wayne County at the intersection of U.S. 581 North and Polly Watson Crossroad.  The store remained in

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Wiggins House


The Wiggins House is a one-room residence that possesses a hearth for heating.  It contained no electricity or indoor plumbing.  Water was either brought to the house from a spring, a distance of approximately ½

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Dr. Kennedy’s Office


Dr. John Bryan Kennedy was born in 1845, the eldest of eleven children.  He was tutored at home by his mother and eventually enrolled in the first class of the all male Wayne Institute and

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Park Hill School


The Park Hill School structure was the third school of this name built ¼ mile east of Selah Christian Church in southwestern Wayne County. The building is indicative of the one-room rural school houses existing

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Print Shop


The Print Shop building was constructed in Pikeville, N.C. in the late 1920’s and was originally used to grade tobacco.  It was relocated to Old Waynesborough in 2006 and was refurbished to represent a printing

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Faircloth Law Office


This two-room law office was built in 1868 and was originally located in Goldsboro at 227 East Walnut Street, the present day address of Paramount Cleaners.  This site is across the street from the Wayne

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Bethany Meeting House


The Bethany Friends Meeting House, originally called the Falling Creek Friends Meeting House, was constructed in 1877 on property east of Cox’s Mill situated in western Wayne County. The first service conducted in this structure

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John Robert’s School


Built around 1834 in southeastern Wayne County in the vicinity of Casey Mill Road and Emmaus Church Road, this building was originally a one-room school where classes were taught by Mr. Roberts’ sister.  The school

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Churchill-Cogdell Cemetery


This cemetery is the last remaining vestige of the original Waynesborough settlement.  Built by the Churchill and Cogdell families, the cemetery contains six identifiable grave sites marked by head and foot stones.  The grave plots

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Civil War Collection


The Old Waynesborough Commission is proud to announce the opening of an exhibit of one of the most renown collection of authentic Civil War artifacts in the state of North Carolina.  This exhibit, made possible

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